Stanwood Precision Touch Design™

Remember that special feeling when you caressed someone’s hand and, for the first time, they caressed you back?

Your piano can give you that same wonderful feeling of acceptance and comfort when we transform it with the Stanwood Precision Touch Design™.

Do you need your piano to respond more evenly? Are you wishing you had more dynamic range to work with? Do you find it difficult to control ppp and chord voicing?

For more than 25 years I have used the Stanwood approach to address these and other problems. The Stanwood action greatly enhances the pianist’s ability to effortlessly connect with the music. It is a calibrated and balanced piano action that is responsive, uniform and predictable.

Our goal is to make the workings of the keys transparent, so that the music can flow from your brain to the piano without having to think about how to compensate for differences from note to note.

The latest innovation is the Stanwood Adjustable Leverage Action (SALA). This exciting invention allows the pianist to easily adjust the touch of the piano from heavy to light. I am currently installing this action in a Steinway C. This video shows the possibilities available to pianists.

There are two simple analogies that help to explain what we are striving for.

The first is to picture a seesaw. If the kids are the same weight, and no one has moved the slide, the system works beautifully. If the weights are mismatched, or the slide has been moved then there are problems. This is the case when incorrect action parts are used. The usual complaint is “this plays like a truck.”

The second image is to picture a Fred Astaire movie where he is dancing down a grand staircase. Of course, he is the epitome of grace and control. Now imagine that each step was a different height. While he might still manage to be graceful, the rest of us would be in trouble. This is what a pianist faces when the response from key to key is different. It becomes a real challenge to make the music flow when faced with this situation.