a recent letter from Bill Foulke.

“Over the summer of 2014, Russell Gordon restored my 1926 Steinway L piano to an amazing condition, lightening the action, replacing hammers and many other parts, and regulating it so that is a complete joy to play. The piano sings in a way I wouldn’t have believed possible before he did the work. If I had known how wonderful it would be, I would have done it years before! I cannot recommend Russell Gordon’s work too highly”

I recently completed a full restoration of a Mason & Hamlin BB for St. Raymond’s Church and received this feedback from Diane Marrazi.

“Dear Russell,

You have produced a masterpiece of craftsmanship and artistry.  To the last detail it is exactly what I had envisioned and hoped for. Thank you for listening so graciously when I asked for degrees of warmth, brightness, etc.  It’s all there in perfect harmony. I would like this to be a noted event in the history of St. Raymond’s Church.  To that end, will you kindly add the year of restoration to the nameplate that will go inside the piano?”

…I received an excellent referral from Dr. Aurel Betz and in response to my “Thank you” he replied..

“You are very welcome! You have earned it through convincing craftsmanship, something rare these days.”

… in response to action repairs on Rev. Scott’s Steinway A (July 2012)

“It is my privilege to thank you for your masterful transformation of my Steinway A. It is vastly improved in sound and touch, and I am so grateful for your commitment and craftsmanship. I had the opportunity to play it yesterday and today, and it is a vast improvement. Your attention to detail and quest for perfection are truly Olympian! I am deeply appreciative.”

….in response to the installation of a Stanwood Precision Touch Design™ action in Mr. Ted Shen’s Steinway B

“Thanks again for your wonderfully masterful transformation of our piano.  I’m convinced that it plays and sounds better than it ever has been able to do during its lifetime.”

Ted Shen

from a Stanwood Precision  TouchDesign™ client (May 2008)

“really extraordinary…. probably spoiled for ever playing on another piano again, unless it’s one that you worked on….it’s really  remarkable”

from Terry L. Hook,  Piano Technician (March 2008)

“As you know I recently serviced a Steinway (1917) model “A” that you  rebuilt. I must extend my congratulations to you on a job well done.  It looks and sounds like it just left the selection room at Steinway,  NY. Recently, I was privileged to help select 5 new Steinway model  “A’s” and I must tell you that NONE of them sounded any better then  your rebuild. Most importantly, the installation of the Stanwood  Precision Touch Design on the action, by far surpasses the feel of the new instruments in regard to a wonderful even touch and as you know,  this leads to an augmented ability to achieve control, power and color variation that demanding artists expect. Truly you have achieved top levels of quality and craftsmanship with  this instrument. I extend my respect and congratulations once again to your talent.”

from Mark Goldstein (2010)

“…I want to thank you for the  fantastic work you did on my piano – it’s definitely better than it was at any point in my possession – I am still getting used to its quality
improvement – thanks for all your work – it was well worth waiting for.”

From concert artist Jeffrey Marcus (November, 2007)

“In his restoration of my 1909 Model “D” Steinway, Russell Gordon  was able to bring out tonal and expressive qualities that were   formerly unavailable on this instrument. The natural beauty and  purity of tone I now hear in my piano inspires my practice and  allows my interpretive searches a new richness. Russell Gordon is an exceptional technician and approaches his art with energy,  dedication and the highest personal integrity. I am deeply  appreciative of his efforts.”

The Russell Gordon Piano Workshop is the official piano technician of  The Copland Heritage Association, Inc in Cortlandt, N.Y.

“We are very pleased that Russell Gordon is the official piano technician of the Copland Heritage Association….Mr. Gordon is responsible for the regular maintenance of a heavily-used Baldwin grand, and for the preparation  of this piano for public performances and broadcasts.  Despite the vigorous demands placed upon it, our piano sounds magnificent, thanks to Mr. Gordon’s expertise.  He has been highly professional in every way, meticulous in his care of the piano, knowledgeable and honest in his recommendations, always accommodating to our various needs,  and thoroughly pleasant to deal with.  We are fortunate to avail ourselves of his services, and would have no hesitation placing any piano in his very capable hands.”

Howard Herring, Executive Director, Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts.

“Caramoor offers music lovers a chance to hear some of the world’s best musicians n a unique setting rich with history. We are fortunate to have Russell Gordon serve as the piano technician for our Music Room concerts, a position he has held since 1986.  He has met the challenge of preparing for an ever changing roster of artists with individual musical needs. His fine service, expert knowledge, good humor and professionalism have been greatly appreciated.
In 1992 he was selected to rebuild the Steinway grand of Mr. Rosen, the founder of Caramoor. This fine instrument served beautifully as we expanded the concert programs in the House Museum. Caramoor is excited to be entering the new century with a vital, thriving music center.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to acknowledge Mr. Gordon’s important contributions and look forward to many more concerts in the years ahead.”

Penny Singer, writing in The New York Times Westchester Section, September 1991, reprinted by permission.

After playing on Mr. Gordon’s Steinway A with the Stanwood Action, Mary Ann Scialdo, a concert pianist*….said “It’s extraordinary.  The action is so even that you actually feel connected to the piano.  My technical facility was so enhanced that I had the freedom to be a colorist.  If it were a car, it would a Ferrari, not a Ford. Emphasizing that pianists are very dependent on piano technicians, Ms. Scialdo said, Russell Gordon just doesn’t tune a piano.  He’s a talented artist dedicated to the art of sound.”
*Mary Ann Scialdo is currently a Steinway Artist