Our current showpiece is a Steinway Model C from 1899. This rare piano has a Victorian style case. It is fully rebuilt and is a concert level instrument.

We have installed the latest Stanwood innovation — The Stanwood Adjustable Leverage Action (SALA). This revolutionary design allows the pianist to change the touch to suit their mood and the music being performed.


Acclaimed pianist Leon Fleisher pronounced this to be “a very lovely instrument” and described the SALA to be “remarkable”

He wrote the following:

“For Russell,

A fascinating application of an idea that might, some day, become the norm!!! Bravo and good luck!”

Leon Fleisher 10/25/14


Russell Hirshfield a Professor of Music at WCSU had this to say after playing the piano.

“Congratulations Russell,

The SALA in your Steinway C is amazing and responsive. I was thrilled to set the action on a heavier setting for Bach and within seconds, adjust to a lighter action for the bass when playing Scriabin. Remarkable. After 35 years of piano playing I’ve encountered an instrument whose adjustable action may revolutionize piano playing. Bravo!”

We recently hosted a musicale for the benefit of Copland House and are proud to offer this instrument for sale.